Math 325W

Applied Statistics with Regression

This page contains information for students in Math 325W. More information will be included as the semester progresses.

Table of Contents

Sample Computer Code

Permutation tests.
This rather crude C program reads in two samples and compares the difference in means for all possible similar sized groupings of the data. You may also use it to compute an exact p-value for the Rank-Sum test if you read in the ranks instead of the actual values.

Non-Sleuth Data Sets

Data Sets from The Statistical Sleuth

case0101.asc case0102.asc case0201.asc case0202.asc case0301.asc case0302.asc
case0401.asc case0402.asc case0501.asc case0502.asc case0601.asc case0602.asc
case0701.asc case0702.asc case0801.asc case0802.asc case0901.asc case0902.asc
case1001.asc case1002.asc case1101.asc case1102.asc case1201.asc case1202.asc
case1301.asc case1302.asc case1401.asc case1402.asc case1501.asc case1502.asc
case1601.asc case1602.asc case1701.asc case1702.asc case2001.asc case2002.asc
case2101.asc case2102.asc case2201.asc case2202.asc ex0112.asc ex0116.asc
ex0211.asc ex0221.asc ex0222.asc ex0321.asc ex0325.asc ex0326.asc
ex0329.asc ex0330.asc ex0331.asc ex0428.asc ex0429.asc ex0430.asc
ex0431.asc ex0519.asc ex0523.asc ex0524.asc ex0619.asc ex0620.asc
ex0724.asc ex0725.asc ex0727.asc ex0728.asc ex0816.asc ex0817.asc
ex0818.asc ex0820.asc ex0821.asc ex0822.asc ex0914.asc ex0915.asc
ex1014.asc ex1023.asc ex1024.asc ex1115.asc ex1120.asc ex1122.asc
ex1123.asc ex1217.asc ex1220.asc ex1221.asc ex1317.asc ex1318.asc
ex1414.asc ex1415.asc ex1509.asc ex1511.asc ex1512.asc ex1605.asc
ex1611.asc ex1612.asc ex1613.asc ex1614.asc ex1708.asc ex1713.asc
ex1714.asc ex2011.asc ex2012.asc ex2015.asc ex2016.asc ex2017.asc
ex2114.asc ex2115.asc ex2220.asc ex2224.asc ex2225.asc ex2226.asc
ex2227.asc ex2228.asc ex2413.asc

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