Jie Liang

214 Breese Ter #2 Madison, WI 53705 phone: (608)232-9831 email: jieliang@hotmail.com


Seeking a permanent position in computer science and engineering with a focus in software development.


University of Wisconsin-Madison
M.S. in computer sciences ( December 1998)
M.S. in mathematics ( December 1998)
Relevant computer course work
database management topics in database management computer networks
operating systems master's report computational methods of large sparse systems
nonlinear programmingalgorithm of differential equations

Nanjing University P.R.China
B.S. in mathematics (July 1996)
Honors Nanjing University Scholarship 1992-1996.


  • Languages: C/C++,Java, Sybase,PERL,html, SQL, QBE, Fortran, Basic,PASCAL
  • Systems: SunOS, Solaris, SPARC, WindowsNT/95.
  • Others: UNIX system programming, X windows, Latex, Web Design.
  • Strong background in mathematical programming.


  • Implemented operating Systems, including synchronizations, CPU process scheduling, page replacement and file systems.
  • Minibase, a small prototype relational database, including buffer management, file management, heap file, query optimization and external sorting.
  • Using Perl constructed an interactive web site.
  • Using Java Implementing the parser of SQL queries of a DBMS project.


Graduate Teaching Assistant August 1996- Jan 1999