Li-Hsiang Kuo   郭立翔

Department of Computer Sciences

University of Wisconsin-Madison


Contact information:

Phone: (608) 556-5633

Email: lorderic at cs dot wisc dot edu


Curriculum Vitae (last update: March 2013)




B.S. Computer Science and Information EngineeringNational Taiwan University  2007



2008.06 - 2010.02

Research Assistant of Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica


Research interest: 

        Computer and Mobile Networking, Network Security, and Applied Cryptography.



1.      Y.-H. Lin, A. Studer, Y.-H. Chen, H.-C. Hsiao, E. L.-H. Kuo, J. Lee, J. McCune, K.-H. Wang, M. Krohn, A. Perrig, B.-Y. Yang, H.-M. Sun, and P.-L. Lin, SPATE: Small-group PKI-less Authenticated Trust Establishment, to appear in IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing.

2.      A. I.-T. Chen, M.-S. Chen, T.-R. Chen, C.-M. Cheng, J. Ding, E. L.-H. Kuo, F. Y.-S. Lee, and B.-Y. Yang, SSE Implementation of Multivariate PKCs on Modern x86 CPUs, CHES 2009.