Louis Kruger

1210 W Dayton St
Room 7378
Madison WI 53706
(608) 262-6611
lpkruger "at" cs "dot" wisc "dot" edu

I am currently a Ph.D candidate in computer sciences. Expected graduation in Dec. 2010.
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Research interests:

My research work is focused in the following areas.
  • Cryptographic protocols for secure multiparty communication
  • System security and privacy
  • Recent Publications:

    Practical Privacy for Genomic Computation
    L. Kruger, S. Jha, V. Shmatikov
    In IEEE SP 2008
    Paper: link PDF

    Secure Function Evaluation with Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams.
    L. Kruger, E. Goh, S. Jha, D. Boneh
    In CCS 2006
    Paper: link PDF

    Strengthening Software Self-Checksumming via Self-Modifying Code.
    J. Giffin, M. Christodorescu, L. Kruger
    In ACSAC 2005
    Paper: PS PDF

    An Auctioning Reputation System Based on Anomaly Detection.
    S. Rubin, M. Christodorescu, V. Ganapathy, J. Giffin, L. Kruger, H. Wang
    In CCS 2005
    Paper: PS PDF

    Privacy Preserving Clustering
    S. Jha, L. Kruger, P. McDaniel
    In ESORICS 2005.
    Paper: PS PDF

    Discovering and Containing Privacy Violations in Software
    L. Kruger, H. Wang, S. Jha
    UW-Madison, CS TR1515, July 2004
    Paper: link PDF