Computer Sciences Dept.

Mark D. Hill

Gene M. Amdahl & John P. Morgridge
Professor Emeritus of Computer Sciences

2016 Photo of Mark D. Hill

Experimental Voice Interface for Prospective Graduate Students of UW-Madison Computer Sciences

Dear Prospective Graduate Students (and other Testers):

I--Prof Mark Hill--am hosting this page from which we can try an experiment with a voice interface to our website for prospective students. This interface enables you to orally ask questions like:

  1. What graduate programs does Wisconsin have?
  2. When the graduate application deadline?

To try it, Click here

  • Then click and the microphone at the lower-right and ask a question.
  • Optionally provide feedback--such as questions not answered well--as the Send Feedback button above the microphone.

Background: An important part of the future of computer science iis voice interfaces that accept natural language questions, especially for when users lack a keyboard (e.g., using a smartphone) or are in a hands-free situation. To address this need, some UW-Madison CS alumni have co-founded a company named Alan (after the Turing Test) and are providing their technology to their alma mater for this experimental use for all of us to learn. We are piloting the interface for prospective graduate students and--if all goes well--will expand it to our whole website.

We hope this experiment provides value to you as well. It exemplifies what you, too, can do as a UW-Madison CS graduate!

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