Welcome to Josh's Homepage

You've reached the homepage of the luckiest guy in the world...


...and here's the reason why.

A little bit about me:

My name is Josh Mayer and I'm a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This semester I'm taking organic chemistry, Biocore (super-hard biology), statistics, and 3 computer science classes over the internet. It's been almost two months since I became the luckiest guy in the world, and all because the most wonderful, most amazing, most incredible, and most beautiful girl in the world sees something worthwhile in me. Thank you God!

Slightly more about me...

I have many hobbies, but alas, most of them take a backseat to homework during the school year.  Here are the things I enjoy most:
  • reading
  • writing poetry
  • any outdoor activity
  • attending concerts
  • driving long distances, particularly to Minnesota

Class Schedule

Here's where you'll find me at various times throughout the day:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:50 Biocore 301 Biocore 302 Biocore 301 Biocore 301
9:55 Statistics 201 Statistics 201 Statistics 201
11:00 Chemistry 343 Chemistry 343 Chemistry 343
12:05 CLC
1:20 Biocore 302 Statistics 201
2:25 CLC Biocore 301
4:35 CLC

*denotes Chemistry Learning Center

Favorite Things

Just a few:

Subject::  Biology or Chemistry, depending on the week  Ed Late Night Host:  Conan O'brien
  Type of Food:  Italian, with Mexican and Chinese close behind

Sport to Play:  Soccer

 Mountain Dew

Beverage:  Mountain Dew Sport to Watch:  Football
  Snack Items:  Cool Ranch Doritos & Powdered Donuts Card Game:  Kent-coupee
TV Show:  Saturday Night Live


German Techno SongKleiner Satellite by Blumchen
  Game Show:  Jeopardy!

Phrase to Hear:  Hot Sexxor!!!!!!!!!!!
  Cartoon:  Pinky and the Brain Place to be:  "Heaven"

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