Michael Blodgett


Writing a personal description is tough to start.. but in case your wondering. I'm a student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, in the Computer Engineering program. I also will probably get a second undergraduate degree in Economics. Along with begin a full time student, I work for the University. Also for a long time, since I was about 14, I do technical theater or am on tech/roadie for festivals and such, Currently I'm working for Starlight Productions LLC, based out of my hometown of Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Heres my pic. and another of the famed handyhouse.

My Work

I manage a network research lab called WAIL in the Computer Science Department at the Univeristy of Wisconsin - Madison.

Contact Information:

Michael Blodgett Madison, WI, 53715

Work Phone: 608-262-6629

Cell Phone: 608-658-4093


Fingerprint: 78AD 3392 3BAC 3090 EB34 E586 79FB 3293 B7F6 BCB7

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