// About Me

I am a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in computer science and and data science. I have experience developing applications with Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. I am currently learning R and C in my courses.

// Projects

DNA Transcription

An application that can convert a string of DNA to mRNA to an amino acid implemented as a linked queue data structure


VR Snake Game

A fully function VR snake game that is controlled by the pointer finger of the user using opencv


Wordle Bot

An application that assists a user in solving the wordle by storing all possible words in an ArrayList and removes words from list based on user commands


Job Management

An Application to assist in managing a large number of applications for a job listing using an array-based min-heap to implement a priority queue


Space Invader

A fully functional Space Invader application using pygame


Exam Scheduler

An application using a recursive algorithm to create all possible exam sections pairing rooms with classes



A fully functional Blackjack application with betting using local storage


Online Art Gallery

An application that implements an online art gallery using a Binary Search Tree allowing users to search and purchase artwork


GoPro Automation

A program that connects to your GoPro and can take pictures, videos, save them on your computer, and delete them from the GoPro's memory


Excel Automation

A program that automates the process of modifying large excel spreed sheets


Iterable Song Player

An application that allows a user to play through a collection of songs both forwards and backwards using a Doubly Linked List implementation


Chrome Extension

A fully functional Chrome extension that allows a user to save and delete website URLs for later use