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This is my little place on the web. All of this information is summarized in my resume.


I am currently pursuing a B.S. in Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin Madison and anticipate to graduate Spring 2002. The UW CS Department has consistently ranked as one of the top ten computer science departments in the country since 1963. My CS degree course work at UW has concentrated on systems development with an emphasis on network and database development. I have taken graduate level courses in both Network Programming and Mathematics. I have maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.4 with a 3.54 in all CS and Math related courses. I am also a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.


In addition to studying Computer Science, I am also conducting my second semester of undergraduate level research on the extrapolation of 3D information from 2D line drawings. This research has a heavy emphasis on mathematical correlations and their discovery using artificial computer agents and numerical optimization techniques. The research has provided me with a cutting edge application of both math and computer science. Professor Amir Assadi is mentoring, assisting, and sponsoring my research.


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Work Information


While pursuing my degree in Computer Science, I have been able to apply my education to real world problems through internships and a part-time job. I am currently employed by Computer Sciences Corporation and Applied Tech Solutions Inc.


Applied Tech Solutions Inc. (ATS) has provided me with several valuable experiences. I was the fourth employee of eight that currently work there. ATS provides consulting and custom programming for Madison area small businesses. This company is employee operated and has provided me with experience in team building, small business accounting, project management, and customer communications. ATS has also helped me maintain an edge on technology. Many of our projects involve writing custom applications in JAVA and Visual Basic that automate the synchronization and communication of separate third party products such as UPS WorldShip, QuickBooks, Microsoft Exchange, Help Desk Software, E-Commerce Software, and SQL databases. This involves a high level of knowledge of many programming languages and application programming interfaces.


Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) is the base of my career path. It has provided me with several learning experiences, a wide variety of work, and on-the-job training ranging from system administration to device driver development. Initially hired as a System Administrator while still in high school, my responsibilities and job title have slowly evolved to Developer. During this transition, I was able to combine my knowledge of NT administration with my ability to code to write several time saving scripts and software applications still used in the National Security Agency (NSA) today. I received a Star Award from NSA for these contributions.


As a CSC contractor, I am currently involved with the development of device drivers for Windows NT. I am the lead developer of a driver for a spectral analyzer. This involves both communicating with the device and building a GUI for user-friendly access. I have also worked on the serialization of approximately 20 device drivers. This project has provided me with my greatest challenge because my studies in college have been in JAVA. This is my first experience with a large project written in both C and C++. It has provided me an introduction to Microsoft’s MFC and COM.


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Contact Information

The best way to contact me is through my home or school telephone number.

E-mail address

Home phone

(410) 290-5148

School phone

(608) 250-2532


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Biographical Information

Born in 1980 and raised in Columbia, MD. Throughout my life I have been interested in outdoor activities such as mountain biking, camping, hiking, skiing, snowboarding and have recently gotten involved with climbing and sky diving. I am interested in photography and have a love for the beach.


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Last revised: Jan 13, 2002