Yoda This is my first webpage!!!

Help, I am Trapped

This is my first sentence. Now this is the second sentence. I don't want to count a third one. I need to write an essay, but I don't want to either. Like okay, an essay every week. Seems fair. Nah, I'm just tired. Someone please help me.

Hello world! I am trapped inside the computer screen. I can communicate to you here. Can you please help me get out. The following list are the instructions to help me get out.

  • Sign in to your account
  • Go onto the CS lab website
  • Learn how to make a website
  • Name the website Header "Get Out" (without quotes)
  • Turn off the computer

  • Some of my favorite quotes

    "Where there is light, there is darkness." - Me

    "To be or not to be." - William Shakespeare