Rooms Project Schedule


This is the approximate schedule of deadlines by which we plan on completing each phase of the software engineering process. Each phase has associated with it: (1) A lead. That is, the manager for a phase who will be responsible for overseeing the phase and making sure it is completed on time. (2) An assistant, usually the lead on the subsequent phase who is to offer assistance to the lead. (3) An approximate completion date.


  1. This is a group project for computer science 706, Fall 2001.
  2. Email:
  3. Group Web Page:
  4. Group Members: Brian Bowers (, Andrew Palmer (, Hongwei Zhu (, Ming Li (, Minyi Xu (, Naijun Zhou (, Keith Noto (
  5. Group Mentors: Will Benton (, Jerry Tutsch
  6. Class Professor: Somesh Jha (


  1. Requirements elicitation, analysis and definition
  2. System Design
  3. Program Design
  4. Program Implementation 1: Grouping
  5. Program Implementation 2: Sequence Design, Unit Testing
  6. Program Implementation 3: Easy Part (login/authentication) and Unit Testing
  7. Program Implementation 4: Medium Part (view reservation/rooms) and Unit Testing
  8. Program Implementation 5: Hard Part (make/change/cancel reservation/colloq) and Unit Testing
  9. Integration Testing, Documentation
  10. System Delivery, Demo Preparation
  11. Demo