Use Cases

Note: much of the vocabulary used here needs to be clearly defined.


  1. View today's schedule
  2. View schedule for a specific day
  3. View information for a specific room
  4. View room(s) for specific information
  5. View schedule for a specific week
  6. View information specific reservation for a user-defined time range

Account User

  1. Reserve a room
  2. Reserve a room for a recurring event
  3. Cancel a reservation
  4. Cancel part of a recurring reservation
  5. Cancel the whole recurring reservation
  6. Make colloqium information available
  7. Asociate colloqium information with a reservation
  8. Reserve a room for colloqium
  9. Modify a reservation
Note: Users with more than one person on their authorization lists may perform the actions above on behalf of any person on their authorization list


  1. Change a user's authorization list
  2. Chnage a user's authorization level
  3. Specify a room's attributes
  4. Make a room available for reservations
  5. Make a room unavailable for reservations
  6. Cancel any reservation
  7. Modify any reservation
  8. Purge old records (remove "old" reservations)
  9. Change the set of room attributes