Mankyu Sung

Hello, I am a graduate student have graduated from Computer Science department at University of Wisconsin-Madison. I was a member of computer graphics group working with professor Michael Gleicher and Stephen Chenney. Before I came here, I've worked at Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute(ETRI) for six years. At there, I worked in Virtual Reality, Networked Virtual Environment and haptic interface for blind people.

Currenly, I'm working on the large number of character controls including path planning, behavior control, interfaces and collision avoidance. In particular, I developed the scalable behaviors for crowd simulation. and fast and accurate goal-directed motion synthesis for crowds.

My resume is available in many several formats.

  • Address : Computer Graphics & Vision Laboratory, 1210 W. Dayton St. Madison, WI53706, University Of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Phone : (608)265-2711
  • Email : mksung(at)cs(dot)wisc(dot)edu


Here is a list of paper I wrote or co-authored for my research in States and Korea.

    • ManKyu Sung " Scalable, Controllable, Efficient and Convincing Crowd Simulation",Ph.D thesis, Dec 2005.
    • ManKyu Sung and Stephen Chenney and Michael Gleicher, " Detecting collision between motions", Dept. of Computer Sciences Technical Report CS-TR-2005-1529, Sep 2005. PROJECT
    • ManKyu Sung and Lucas Kovar and Michael Gleicher, " Fast and accurate Motion Synthesis for Crowds", ACM SIGGRAPH/ EUROGRAPHICS Symposium for Computer Animation 2005. PROJECT
    • ManKyu Sung , Michael Gleicher and Stephen Chenney " Scalable behaviors for Crowd Simulation", Computer Graphics Forum, vol. 23, no. 3 (Proceedings of the Eurographics Annual Conference), 2004, pp 519-528 PROJECT
    • ManKyu Sung and ByungTae Jang, " The Script Based Virtual Actor Control for Interactive Drama ", 1999 IEEE International Conference on System, Man and Cybernetics, Tokyo, Japan 1999.
    • JyHyung Lee, ManKyu Sung and ChanJong Park, " Tiny Immersive Virtual Reality System with Avatar Control", ICAT'98, Tokyo, Japan, 1998.
    • ManKyu Sung, ChanJong Park and DongHyun Kim "The Real-time Motion Generation of Human-Avatars in Networked Virtual Environment", Annual Conference of VRSJ(Virtual Reality Society of Japan), Nagoya, Japan, 1997
    • SangWon Ghyme, ManKyu Sung, ChanJong Park and DongHyun Kim "The Real-time Motion Generation of Human-Avatars ", 97 Human Interface Symposium, Tokyo, Japan, 1997
    • ManKyu Sung and ChanJong Park, " The Modeling and Simulation of Avatar's Behavior and Interaction in Virtual Environment ", IASTED International Conference Modeling and Simulation, USA, 1998
    • ManKyu Sung and ChanJong Park," The Avatar Navigation of Distributed Virtual Environment By Using Multi-view client ", APCHI98, Yokohama, Japan, 1998
    • KeHyun Kim, JuWan Kim, JungDan Choi and ManKyu Sung," Application of GIS to Water Quality Management ", GIS/LIS, Nashvill, USA, 1995
    • ManKyu Sung and ChanJong Park, "The Network Architecture and Protocol for Avatar Interaction in Distributed Virtual Environment ",
      Journal of Korea Computer Graphics Society, Vol 4, No.1 , March, 1998
    • ManKyu Sung, JeongDan Choi, ChanSu Lee and SangWon Kim " The Technology of Building Multi-user Virtual World and Avatar Processing ", The Special Issue of Virtual Reality in Software Technology Survey, Vol 2, No 2, June, 1998

  • We can visualize simulations with Unreal game engine, which is very fast and efficient

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    I love jazz music and taking photos for my lovely wife and kids. If you are interested in their photos I took, take a look at my internet gallery in following links.


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