About Me

As a student at UW Madison, I have a focus in software engineering with skills in web and mobile development. My interests lie in making web apps, learning new technologies, and tutoring computer science. My hobbies are attending hackathon events, watching Korean dramas and music, playing badminton, and eating out for dinner.


My Profile

React NodeJS Bootstrap

Prior Experience:
Angular 2 Android Studio

Programming Languages:
HTML CSS JavaScript Java Python

MongoDB Firebase Redis SQLite

My Projects

Here are some of the projects I have worked on:

Giphy Flashcards

Giphy Flashcards

Learn a new language or have fun with Gifs! Built using Angular 2, Giphy API, and Firebase and currently under development.

Graphics Town

Graphics Town

Graphics Town is a complete WebGL project for my Graphics class that runs on the browser with an intuitive user interface.

Snake Game

3D Snake Game

Explore the world of 3D Snake featuring hazardous rocks and walls. Built using ThreeJS with 3D controls.

Giphy Flashcards

Struggle in The Aquarium

Play as a fish against a massive horde of starfish. Implemented using the new ECMAScript 2015 class system in JavaScript and graphics rendering by P5JS.

Graphics Town

Behavioral Experiment

A behavioral audio experiment that runs on the browser. The backend is written in NodeJS and in Python for generating trials. Data is then collected in the server.

Snake Game

Neural Networks

Various NNs that can predict outcomes based on given data and are implemented in MATLAB, TensorFlow, and NeatapticJS for reseach at UW Informatics Skunkworks.

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