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The India Home Page

Dinesh Venkatesh currently maintains an India Home Page which is a very comprehensive collection of information relating to India. You should definitely visit that page. The rest of this page is just a collection of random links that catch my interest from time to time.

Hindi Music and Films

There is lots of interesting information about Hindi Films and Music (including an archive of Hindi Song Lyrics) to keep a Hindi Film Music fan occupied for a long time. Shivesh Kumar and a bunch of other people maintain a gallery of Indian Star Photographs. The Internet Movie Database has some information about some Indian Movies. Maybe you can add more information. The IndiaWorld server has a Hindi Film and Music Page that has some interesting information including the Top 25 Hindi Songs for the week. Read the rec.arts.movies.local.indian newsgroup for discussions about Indian movies and the rec.music.indian.misc newsgroup for discussions about music.


J. Mario Pires maintains a FAQ on India Travel. Prince Kohli maintains a Survey of Travel Agents who specialize in tickets to and from India. Sergio Paoli maintains an India Page that among other things has information about the States of India and some of the Cities in India including Bombay and Pune. Check out Prem!'s Humorous Tourist Guide To India.


Find out about current rates of various Long Distance carriers to call India from the US. The India Information Facility from BGSU has loads of useful information including a list of Baby Names and their Meanings, info on NRI accounts, and much more. Sheela Murthy has a FAQ of Immigration and Nationality Law. You can access that home pages of various Indian Colleges/Institutes/Universities maintained by Shubu Mukherjee.

The India World Server allows you access to lots of things including the India Today magazine online, Laxman's You Said It cartoons, but you have to get a paid subscription first. Click here for a sampler.

Can You Help?

Visit the Child Relief and You (CRY) Home Page and see if you can help. ASHA is a voluntary organization dedicated to support basic education in India. ASHA-Madison is the local chapter. The Worldwide India Network (WIN) promotes causes pertaining to the Indian community's needs, aspirations, and goals. Association for India's Development (AID) is an organization committed to Aid India's poor.


Check out Rajiv Pant (Betul)'s Indian Humor Page or Pradip's Jokes page for funny stuff. Try sending sweets and flowers to India for special occasions.

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