pii hai sharaab, zabt kii had se ba.Dhe.n

Song Title: pii hai sharaab, zabt kii had se ba.Dhe.n
Movie Name: Sharmaate Sharmaate
Singer(s): Bhupinder
Music Director(s):

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j:b: kB:i G:Xn: l:g:a s:in: m: dm:
p:i h S:rab:
, z:bt: ki hd s: b:` j:b: rnj:-Aa-g:m:,~~~

Ok t:a c:`t:i j:v:an:i ka n:S:a hi km: n:a T:a
ds:r us: p:r y: Zay:a h es:t:m:
, p:i h ~~~

m:J: p: Elz:am:-O-b:l:an:aS:i s:ras:r h g:l:t:
ej:s: kdr Aas: ep:y: h us: s: km:
, p:i h ~~~

j:b: kB:i s:aki s: AO 'kaeS:f' en:g:ah em:l: g:o
t:a_kr m: n: n:a p:in: ki ks:m:
, p:i h ~~~

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