man bhaavan ke ghar jaae gorii

Song Title: man bhaavan ke ghar jaae gorii
Movie Name:
Music Director(s):
Category(ies): Marriage Songs

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m:n: B:av:n: k G:r j:aO g:ari
G:G:X m: S:rm:aO g:ari
b:D:i rh y: py:ar ki Rari
hm: n:a B:l:an:a
- 4

1) b:c:p:n: k edn: K:l: g:v:aO
AaI j:v:an:i t:a b:al:m: AaO
t:r Aag:n: b:D: b:D:aI g:ari
Vy:a n:n:a Cl:kaO g:ari
b:D:i rh y: py:ar ki Rari~~~

2) Es: den:y:a ki rit: y:hi h
haT: j:a T:am: m:it: v:hi h
Ab: hm: t:a hO p:raO g:ari
ePr t:r s:g: j:aO g:ari
, b:D:i rh ~~~

3) m:st:i B:r s:av:n: k J:l:
t:J:ka ks:m: h j:a t: B:l:
Ab: k j:b: v:ap:s: AaO g:ari
g:ad B:ri l: AaO g:ari
, b:D:i rh ~~~

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