tuu is tarah se merii zi.ndagii me.n shaamil hai

Song Title: tuu is tarah se merii zi.ndagii me.n shaamil hai
Movie Name: Aap To Aise Na The
Actor(s)/Actress(es): Ranjeeta, Raj Babbar
Singer(s): Hemlata, Mohammad Rafi
Music Director(s): Usha Khanna

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t: Es: t:rh s: m:ri ez:dg:i m: S:aem:l: h
j:ha B:i j:aU y: l:g:t:a h
, t:ri m:hefl: h

y: Aas:m:an: y: b:adl: y: rast: y: hv:a
hr Ok c:iz: h Ap:n:i j:g:h eYkan: p:
kI edn:a s: eS:kay:t: n:hi z:m:an: s:
y: ez:dg:i h s:fr t: s:fr ek m:ez:l: h
, j:ha B:i ~~~

hr Ok Pl: eks:i y:ad s:a m:hkt:a h
t:r K:y:al: s: j:ag:i hI efz:aO h
y: s:bz: p:_ h y:a py:ar ki dAaO h
t: p:as: ha ek n:hi ePr B:i t: m:kaeb:l: h
, j:ha B:i ~~~

hr Ok S:y: h m:hbb:t: k n:r s: raS:n:
y: raS:n:i j:a n:a ha ez:dg:i AD:ri h
-O-v:fa m: kaI hm:s:fr z:-ri h
y: rast:a khi t:n:ha kX t:a m:ءSkl: h
, j:ha B:i ~~~

rfi: --- --- --- --- ---
(first stanza same as above ...)

t:r b:g:r j:ha m: kaI km:i s:i T:i
B:Xk rhi T:i j:v:an:i AD:ri raha m:
s:kn: edl: ka em:l:a Aa k t:ri b:aha m:
m: Ok K:aI hI m:aj: h t: s:aehl: h
, j:ha B:i ~~~

t:r j:m:al: s: raS:n: h kay:n:at: m:ri
m:ri t:l:aS: t:ri edl:kS:i rh b:aki
K:da kr ek y: div:an:g:i rh b:aki
t:ri v:fa hi m:ri hr K:S:i ka haes:l: h
, j:ha B:i ~~~

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