vo subah kabhii to aayegii, vo subah kabhii to aayegii

Song Title: vo subah kabhii to aayegii, vo subah kabhii to aayegii
Movie Name: Phir Subah Hogi
Actor(s)/Actress(es): Raj Kapoor, Mala Sinha, Rehman
Singer(s): Mukesh
Music Director(s): Khaiyyam
Lyricist(s): Sahir Ludhianvi

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% I have partial lyrics for this song.   There are 2 versions, one is by Mukesh
% with Asha humming in the background and the other is a solo by Mukesh.   These
% were the 2 versions I was always familiar with.  Imagine my surprise when I 
% found that there is yet another version of this song with completely different
% lyrics.   Once again, the lyrics are by the poetic genius, Sahir Ludhianvi.
% Btw, this film is a Hindi version of the famous Dostoevsky novel "Crime and
% Punishment" which deals with the feeling of guilt.   I am not too fond of Raj
% Kapoor, the actor, but in this film, he is incredible.   Mala Sinha is also
% surprisingly superb.   The film made me add "Crime and Punishment" to my list 
% of books to re-read.   When I last read it, I was too immature to completely 
% and unbiasedly understand the concept of guilt.  Hopefully, this time around 
% it will be different:-) :-) :-)
% I have some of the verses on my system here and will post the rest when I get
% a chance to pen the lyrics from my cassette (I have all these Sahir songs that
% I have wanted to post, but 24 hours sometimes just are not enough).
% So here goes:
vo subah kabhii to aayegii,  vo subah kabhii to aayegii
in kaalii sadiyo.n ke sar se, jab raat kaa aa.nchal Dhalakegaa
jab ambar jhuum ke naachegii, jab dharatii naGame gaaegii
vo subah kabhii to aayegii ...

jis subah kii khaatir jug-jug se,
ham sab mar-mar ke jiite hai.n
jis subah kii amR^it kii dhun me.n, ham zahar ke pyaale piite hai.n
in bhuukhii pyaasii ruuho.n par, ek din to karam faramaayegii
vo subah kabhii to aayegii ...

maanaa ke abhii tere mere in aramaano.n kii, kiimat kuchh nahii.n
miTTii kaa bhii hai kuchh mol magar,
inasaano.n kii kiimat kuchh bhii nahii.n
inasaano.n kii izzat jab jhuuThe sikko.n me.n naa tolii jaayegii
vo subah kabhii to aayegii ...

daulat ke liye ab aurat kii,  ismat ko naa bechaa jaayegaa
chaahat ko naa kuchalaa jaayegaa,  gairat ko naa bechaa jaayegaa
apanii kaalii karatuuto.n par,  jab ye duniyaa sharamaayegii
vo subah kabhii to aayegii ...

biite.nge kabhii to din aakhir,  ye bhuukh aur bekaarii ke
TuuTe.nge kabhii to but aakhir,  daulat kii ijaaredaarii kii
ab ek anokhii duniyaa kii, buniyaad uThaaii jaayegii
vo subah kabhii to aayegii ...

majabuur bu.Dhaapaa jab suunii,  raaho.n me.n dhuul na phe.nkegaa
maasuum la.Dakapan jab ga.ndii,  galiyo.n me.n bhiikh naa maa.ngegaa
hak maa.ngane vaalo.n ko,  jis din suulii na dikhaaii jaayegii
vo subah kabhii to aayegii ...

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