ye zi.ndagii usiiki hai, jo kisii kaa ho gayaa

Song Title: ye zi.ndagii usiiki hai, jo kisii kaa ho gayaa
Movie Name: Anarkali
Actor(s)/Actress(es): Pradeep Kumar, Bina Roy
Singer(s): Lata Mangeshkar
Music Director(s): Chitalkar Ramchandra
Lyricist(s): Rajinder Krishan

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y: ez:dg:i us:i ki h
, j:a eks:i ka ha g:y:a
py:ar hi m: K:a g:y:a
, y: ez:dg:i ~~~

y: b:har, y: s:m:a, kh rha h py:ar kr
eks:i ki Aarz: m: Ap:n: edl: ka b:qrar kr
?, y: ez:dg:i ~~~

D:_k rha h edl: t:a Vy:a, edl: ki D:_kn: n:a s:n:
ePr kha y: frs:t:
, ePr kha y: rat:-edn:
?, y: ez:dg:i ~~~

da edl: y:ha n:a em:l: s:k, em:l:g: us: j:han: m:
eK:l:g: hs:rt:a k Pl:
, m:at: k Aas:m:an: m:
y: ez:dg:i c:l:i g:I j:a py:ar m: t:a Vy:a hAa
y: ez:dg:i ~~~

s:n: rhi h dast:a, S:m:a m:r m:z:ar ki
efz:a m: B:i eK:l:i rhi
, y: kl:i An:ar ki
Es: m:z:ar m:t: kha
, y: m:hl: h py:ar ka
y: ez:dg:i ~~~

O ez:dg:i ki S:am: Aa, t:J: g:l: l:g:aU m:
t:J:i m: Rb: j:aU m:
j:ha ka B:l: j:aU m:
b:s: Ok n:z:r m:r s:n:m:
, Alv:da, Alv:da
Alv:da ~~~ Alv:da ~~~
Alv:da ~~~ Alv:da ~~~

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