##Dream Girl##

Song Title: ##Dream Girl##
Movie Name: Dream Girl
Singer(s): Kishore Kumar
Music Director(s): Laxmikant, Pyarelal

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Dream-girl, dream-girl, dream-girl, dream-girl
eks:i S:ay:r ki ^:z:l:
, dream-girl
eks:i J:il: ka kv:l:
, dream-girl
kB:i t:a em:l:g:i
, khi t:a em:l:g:i,
Aaj: n:hi t:a kl:
, dream-girl ~~~

es:m:Xi g:l:ab:a m:, el:p:Xi ehj:ab:a m: - 2
s:as:a m: Aat:i h
, B:ig:i S:rab:a m:
p:as: rht:i h v:a p:l: da p:l:
, kan:? dream-girl ~~~

j:b: dK:t:i h v:a, m: p:C l:g:a t:a - 2
, G:Xa, c:adn:i b:n: j:at: h dast:a
rg: -p: h v:a l:t:i b:dl:
, h, dream-girl ~~~

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