phir chhi.Dii raat, baat phuulo.n kii

Song Title: phir chhi.Dii raat, baat phuulo.n kii
Movie Name: Bazaar
Actor(s)/Actress(es): Supriya Pathak, Farooq Sheikh
Singer(s): Lata Mangeshkar, Talat Aziz
Music Director(s): Khaiyyam
Lyricist(s): Makhdoom Mohiuddin

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% Contributor: Himanshu Gupta  
% Transliterator: Rajiv Shridhar  
% Editor: Rajiv Shridhar 
ma: (phir chhi.Dii raat, baat phuulo.n kii
fa:  raat hai yaa baaraat phuulo.n kii) -2

fa: phuul ke hai.n phuul ke gajare -2
   shaam phuulo.n kii, raat phuulo.n kii

ma: aapakaa saath-saath phuulo.n kaa -2
   aapakii baat baat phuulo.n kii

fa: phuul khilate rahe.nge duniyaa me.n -2
   roz nikalegii baat phuulo.n kii

ma: nazare.n milatii hai.n jaam milate hai.n -2
   mil rahii hai hayaat phuulo.n kii

ma/fa: ye mahakatii huii Gazal maKaduu.n -2
   jaise saharaa me.n raat phuulo.n kii

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