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Amos Ron

Department of Computer Sciences
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1210 West Dayton Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53706-1685 USA

Telephone: (608) 262-6621
Fax: (608) 262-9777

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If you are here in order to know more about the Wavelet IDR Center
you may look at the (incomplete, as yet) homepage.

For CS515 handouts and email, click HERE

Click my vita if you want to see my vita.

List of various publications, including abstracts.

Selected articles of mine.

Information about anonymous ftp site. Carl de Boor and I maintain an ftp site at The site contains postscript and compressed postscript files of various articles of the approximation theory group at UW. Also found there are technical files concerning TeX, vi and more, that should be useful to the general public. I recommend that you click the file, which provides a list of available files, click there those that you wish to view (on-line), view them on-line, and download those you wish to.

My Ph.D. students, including visual(?) , information about their research and publications.

My main areas of interest, together with a short summary of my present research and future goals in each one of these.

The activity of the Approximation Theory group at the Univeristy of Wisconsin, Madison, is not yet in, but you can get a sense of the big picture by surfing the SPLINE BIB.

The activity of the Numerical Analysis group here.

Links to home pages of other people in the approximation theory community can be found HERE

Survey of citations of papers in Math journals (unknown source) can be found HERE

The homepage of my daughter Daphna can be found HERE

Finally, my official CS homepage

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