Nisarg Shah

    University of Wisconsin - Madison (MS Computer Science, 2019-2021)
    GPA: 4.0

    Course Work -

    Fall 2019:
    * CS 402: Introducing Computer Science to K-12 Students
    * CS 736: Advanced Operating Systems
    * CS 799: Master's Research (under Prof. Michael Swift)
    * CS 900: Advanced Seminar in Computer Science

    As of December 2019, I'm working under Prof. Barton Miller
    as part of the Paradyn lab on a profiling tool for CUDA programs.

    Spring 2020:
    * CS 538: Theory and Design of Programming Languages 
    * CS 639: Parallel and Throughput-Optimized Programming
    * CS 739: Distributed Systems
    * CS 900: Advanced Seminar in Computer Science

    Prior to this, I worked at Oracle's Cloud at Customer platform (2017-2019)
    and completed by Bachelors from BITS Pilani - Goa, India (2013-2017).

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