You've reached the page of Steve Noonan; I'm a multi-year senior, a not-yet declared undergrad CS major, and an employee at the DoIT Help Desk. I'm also a U. S. Air Force Veteran (which probably explains a lot). You will likely have better luck contacting me via my Facebook profile. However, if you're either really interested or you're really stalking me, my Fall 2010 class schedule includes Math 340, Comp Sci 240, Comp Sci 252, Comp Sci 368, and Atm Ocn 100.

Other places I've been spotted include UPL, the UW Math Club, and UW Vets for Vets, the student section at UW Men's Hockey games, or sections D and E at Camp Randall, where I supervise three concession stands for National W Club.

If I have time this semester, I hope to do some experimenting at UPL with digital applications for amateur radio.

No, I really don't sleep much.