About Me

I am second year graduate student at the University of Wisconsin studying Computer Architecture. I am currently working with Mark Hill in the Wisconsin Multifacet group.


Undergraduate Degree
B.S. Computer Engineering May 2008
Binghamton University, SUNY
Adviser: Aneesh Aggarwal

Graduate Coursework

Currently Taking:
CS 739 Distributed Systems Prof. Michael Swift, Spring 2010
CS 784 Data Models and Languages Prof. An Doan, Spring 2010

CS 838 - Computational Cognitive Science Prof. Michael Coen, Fall 2009
CS 514 - Numerical Analysis Prof. James Rossmanith, Fall 2009

CS 757 - Advanced Computer Architecture II Prof. Mikko Lipasti, Spring 2009
CS 764 - Database Management Systems Prof. Jeff Naughton, Spring 2009

CS 752 - Advanced Computer Architecture I Prof. David Wood, Fall 2008
CS 564 - Database Management Systems Prof. Jeff Naughton, Fall 2008

Degree Goals
PhD. Computer Science

Contact Info

pdudnik at cs [dot] wisc [dot] edu
CS 6376
(608) 265-5907


Condition Variables and Transactional Memory: Problem or Opportunity?
Polina Dudnik and Michael M. Swift
4th ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Transactional Computing (TRANSACT), February 2009.
Paper: pdf
Talk: ppt

Research Interests

Broadly, my research interests include Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, and Compilers.
More specifically, I am interested in memory coherence and consistency.

Other Interests