Hey all! Parker here!

Parker giving you a thumbs up


Welcome to the website!

I'm Parker, a student at UW-Madison studying computer science. This website has been created to give you just a little bit of insight into who I am and what I enjoy doing!

This website has been split into three pages. While I didn't find any space to put my lackluster musical abilities, there's still enough information to go around!

HOME: This is the home page! You're here right now! This page is a brief introduction to who I am and a table of contents as to what this website holds.

THE BOARD: I host trivia night twice a week. The Board is a list of some of the not-so-good answers I have recieved while working.

PENGUIN PUSH: I'm studying computer science. Of course I know my way around a computer! This page lets you play a small game I made a few years ago in a high school coding class.