Jinwoo Kim
Department of Computer Sciences
University of Wisconsin-Madison (On leave)
Seoul National University (Current)
I was a second-year Ph.D. student at UW-Madison, where I studied programming languages with
Loris D'Antoni and Thomas Reps.
Currently, I am taking a leave of absence and working as a researcher at Seoul National University with Chung-Kil Hur in order to fulfill alternate military service for South Korea (until August 2024).

Research Interests
My primary research interests are in topics from programming languages and verification. I am also interested in the application of these topics to other CS fields, such as security or computer architecture.

Recently, I have been working in between the intersection of ideas from program analysis and program synthesis, in order to explore fundamental questions behind the theory and practice of synthesizing programs.
CAV 2021

Programmable Program Synthesis [pdf]
Loris D'Antoni, Qinheping Hu, Jinwoo Kim, Thomas Reps
POPL 2021

Semantics-Guided Synthesis [pdf] [talks] [slides|5min_slides] [artifact_VM]
Jinwoo Kim, Qinheping Hu, Loris D'Antoni, Thomas Reps
Jan. 2020
@ POPL 2020 SRC
"Proving Unrealizability for Imperative Syntax-Guided Synthesis Problems"

Jan. 2020

I received the 1st Place Graduate Award at the Student Research Competition at POPL 2020, for my work on "Proving Unrealizability for Imperative Syntax-Guided Synthesis Problems".