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fadvise is a command used to give file advisory information to the operating system.
Its "don't need" option (fadvise --dontneed) is particularly useful to cause the files' pages (blocks) to be evicted from the buffer-cache.

Here is some sample output:
$ fadvise --verbose --dontneed foo.rrd
page size: 4096
foo.rrd: no incore pages.
And the usage information:
    fadvise [options] file [...]

      -help - brief help message
      -man - full documentation
      -normal (default)

The fadvise command was introduced in the paper, "Application Buffer-Cache Management for Performance: Running the World's Largest MRTG", that appears in the proceedings of the LISA 2007 conference in Dallas, November, 2007.
It is available online here:

You may also be interested in the related fincore command.

Dave Plonka, May 21 2007