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My latest hobby is zeoling (sharing thoughts in different places in the world).
Check out my profile page here: Pratap Ramamurthy
And the two zeole pen pals I made Suresh Kanna and Swetha Ganapathi Raman.

Publications in Computer Science

  • NashWifi: Coordinated Management of Heterogenous Home 802.11 Networks Using Bargaining [pdf]
    Aditya Akella, Pratap Ramamurthy and Almir Mutapcic
    Published in COMSNETS 2010

  • Coordinated Configuration of Uncoordinated Wireless Networks: A Win-Win Approach Based on Bargaining [pdf]
    Pratap Ramamurthy, Aditya Akella, Suman Banerjee, Jittapat Bunnag, Almir Mutapcic and Gireesh Shrimali
    Poster in Mobicom 2008, San Francisco, CA.

  • Remote Profiling of Resource Constraints in Web Servers Using Mini-Flash Crowds [pdf]
    Pratap Ramamurthy, Vyas Sekar, Aditya Akella, Balachander Krishnamurthy and Anees Shaikh.
    Usenix Annual Technical Conference 2008, Boston, MA.
    Click here for project Web page.

    Here is a summary of my Usenix talk, published in the October issue of Usenix magazine ;login.

  • Using Mini-Flash Crowds to Infer Resource Constraints in Remote Web Servers [pdf]
    Pratap Ramamurthy, Vyas Sekar, Aditya Akella, Balachander Krishnamurthy and Anees Shaikh.
    ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Internet Network Management (INM) 2007, Kyoto, Japan.

  • Performance-directed energy management using BOS [pdf]
    Pratap Ramamurthy, Ramanathan Palaniappan.
    ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review Jan, 2007.

  • VLSI implementation of genetic algorithms [pdf]
    Pratap Ramamurthy, Jai Vasanth
    Computer Applications in Industry and Engineering, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2003.
  • Publications in Electical Engineering

  • Characteristics of InGaAs quantum dots grown on tensile-strained GaAs(1-x)P(x) [Link]
    N. H. Kim, P. Ramamurthy, and L. J. Mawst, T. F. Kuech, P. Modak, T. J. Goodnough, D. V. Forbes, and M. Kanskar
    Journal of applied Physics, Volume 97, Issue 9, April 2005, Kyoto, Japan.

  • Ultrafast all-optical switch using LT-GaAs based on DFB [pdf]
    Pratap Ramamurthy.
    SPIE: Ultrafast Phenomena in Semiconductors VI,Photonics West, 2002, San Jose, CA

  • Patent

  • System and method for profiling resource constraints of Web servers, filed on April 8, 2008

    This patent is related to the Mini-Flash Crowds project.

  • Other Graduate Projects

    Here are some of my graduate course projects. Each of them is could potentially become a paper. If you are interested in these projects, please feel free to contact me.

  • Markov chain model of English construct using usage-DB
    Markov chain model of English construct query of "Usage DB" to check grammar: A novel research project to check the "grammar" of an arbitrary text. This is a statistical method using 3rd order Markov chain. Basically it splits any given sentence into different blocks based on the English construct and Markov model and queries the huge "Usage" database (Google querying of www). Based on the statistics obtained the algorithm estimates the correctness of the system. This method offers the advantage of checking popular quotes even if grammatically wrong. This project was coded in python.

  • Analysis of Victim Trace Caches
    A novel research project analyzing the effect of having a direct mapped victim trace cache stored in the memory by directly accessing the L2 cache from the trace cache, in partial completion of the course Advanced Computer Architecture (CS/ECE 752).