Welcome! I am a fifth year grad student in the Computer Sciences department at UW-Madison advised by Aditya Akella. Research-wise, I am primarily interested in formal methods for network verification and speeding up big data analytics.

Before coming to Madison, I spent a year and half as a Research Assistant in the Machine Learning and Optimization group at Microsoft Research India working on cool problems in query-cardinality estimation, large-scale learning and online advertising.


  1. Clarinet: WAN-Aware Optimization for Analytics Queries, (paper) (slides)
    Raajay Viswanathan, Aditya Akella, Ganesh Ananthanarayanan.
    OSDI 2016

  2. Fast Control Plane Analysis Using an Abstract Representation, (paper) (slides)
    Aaron Gember-Jacobson, Raajay Viswanathan, Aditya Akella, Ratul Mahajan.
    SIGCOMM 2016

  3. Efficiently delivering online service over Integrated Infrastructure, (paper) (slides) (talk)
    Hongqiang Harry Liu, Raajay Viswanathan, Matt Calder, Aditya Akella, Ratul Mahajan, Jitendra Padhye, Ming Zhang.
    NSDI 2016

  4. OpenNF: Enabling Innovation in Network Function Control, (pdf)
    Aaron Gember-Jacobson, Raajay Viswanathan, Chaithan Prakash, Robert Grandl, Junaid Khalid, Sourav Das, Aditya Akella.
    SIGCOMM 2014

  5. Multilabel Classification using Bayesian Compressed Sensing, (pdf)
    Ashish Kapoor, Raajay Viswanathan, Prateek Jain.
    NIPS 2012

  6. Discovering Injective Episodes with General Partial Orders, (pdf)
    Avinash Achar, Srivatsan Laxman, Raajay Viswanathan and P.S. Sastry.
    Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 2012

Technical Reports

  1. A Learning Framework for Self-Tuning Histograms, (pdf) (arxiv)
    Raajay Viswanathan, Prateek Jain, Srivatsan Laxman, Arvind Arasu

  2. Efficient Discovery of Large Synchronous Events in Neural Spike Streams, (pdf) (arxiv)
    Raajay Viswanathan, P. S. Sastry, K. P. Unnikrishnan

  3. Frequent Episode Mining and Multi-Neuronal Spike Train Data Analysis, (pdf)
    Raajay Viswanathan,
    M.E. Project Report, Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science.