Matthew Radtke


I am a Senior pursuing a degree in Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. I excel at solving problems in a team and alone. I enjoy pursuing challenges and expanding my knowledge. I am proficient with Java/C/C#/Web Development and have > 4 years of programming experience. Furthermore, I pursue my own projects beyond class and tutor friends/peers on programming solutions and projects.

My skills include:

  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Java, C, C#, Python, .NET Core, Javascript, HTML/CSS, SQL, Web Development
  • Source Control(Git)
  • Problem Solving
  • Debugging
  • Data Models for Data Science
  • Able to adapt and learn quickly
  • Proficient in working in a command prompt (Linux bash)
  • Can work well alone and in a team

My interests include playing the guitar, playing video games, building computers, and writing code. I am a big fan of the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series. I follow and enjoy what DC Comics and Marvel have to offer whenever they release something new.


UW Madison Graphics Projects

Here is a list of all my graphics projects from my computer graphics class at UW Madison. We began simply by drawing lines on a screen inside an html canvas and progressed all the way to multitexturing and other various graphics techniques.

Efficient Leveling (Solo/Java/C#)

Personal solo project. Written in C# and also in Java in my free time to become more familiar with what .Net Framework/C# has to offer. Deserializes a json to a class and displays the data to the form. This interactive form allows the user to alter the contents of the loaded json file and save them as a new file.

Simple Neural Network (Solo/Java)

Simulated the creation and training of a simple neural network composed of LeRU and Sigmoid functions by applying gradient descent on a set of training items. Training data was provided and then testing data was used to test the accuracy of the neural net.

Trigram AI Sentence Generator (Solo/Java)

Developed an AI project that generated sentences using probabilities and a given corpus. The generated senetences were arbitrary in length and were terminated with the '.' character. The next word in a sentence would be randomly generated based on the 2 prior words before it.

Label Application (Solo/C#)

A .Net Core console application that translated scanned barcodes using a SQL database from company 1 to company 2. Once translation was done, a print request was sent in the form of a POST API call to a print server and then printed the new barcode on the specified printer.

XV6 Operating System MLFQ Scheduler (Solo/C)

In this project, I implemented a Multi level Feedback Queue CPU Scheduler for the XV6 operating system. Four levels created with Level 3 being the highest and Level 0 being the lowest. Each incoming process was promoted to level 3 and was given different amounts of execution time before being demoted to a lower level. Level 0 performed FIFO while level 1,2,3 performed Round Robin on each execution tick.

"wish" - Wisconsin Shell (Solo/C)

Created a basic shell in C that can execute other programs. I have implemented some of the basic features of a shell including history, cd, redirection, and setting the PATH variable to find binary executables. Execution of executables involves forking a child and replacing the child's code segment with the new exe's code segment. Parent shell then waits for child to finish execution.


Miller Electric Mfg LLC - Internship

May 2018 - Present Web Developer Internship. Worked on various in-house applications to solve/automate various tasks around the company. Gained exposure to source control and how to work among multiple team members. Learned how to use SQL Databases in a work environment and how to access data from a SQL Server in a programming project. Main programming langauge was C# and primary environment was .NET Core. Much time dedicated to understanding other people's code and rewriting it in a readable and supported language.

Miller Electric Mfg LLC - Summer Maintenance Tech

May 2017 - Auguest 2017. Assisted the HVAC Maintenance group at Miller Electric. Tasks included replacing old pipe networks, putting up new pipelines, and various other tasks. Worked with a partner to solve various problems and learn as much as possible about the plumbing trade.

Miller Electric Mfg LLC - Assemblyman

July 2016 - August 2016. Temp employee tasked with assemblying wire feeders inside a warehouse inside a fast paced work environment.


New London High School


GPA: 4.0

University of Wisconsin - Madison

2016 - May 2020

GPA: 3.35

Relevant Coursework:

  • Java programming
  • Data Structures(Java)
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Algorithms
  • Artificial Intelligence(Java)
  • Machine Organization and Programming(C)
  • Computer Graphics(Javascript/WEBGL)
  • Operating Systems(C)
  • Data Management for Data Science(Python/SQL)