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The Database Affiliates Program seeks to foster closer ties between the Database group at UW-Madison (ranked the top academic Database group by a recent US News and World Report survey) and companies interested in the development and application of database technology. If you are interested in joining the program, we invite you to contact one of the faculty members in the group. This page lists our current affiliates, faculty, students, courses, and links to talks from our recent affiliates' meeting. (Expect to see it organized better in the near future!)

Industrial Affiliates

Faculty Members

  • David J. DeWitt ( Current areas of interest include: Object-oriented database systems, parallel database systems, database benchmarking, geographic information systems.
  • Yannis E. Ioannidis ( Current areas of interest include: Scientific databases, experiment management, user interfaces, information visualization, human-computer interaction, query optimization, histograms, estimation, approximation, heterogeneous, object-oriented and deductive databases.
  • Miron Livny ( Current areas of interest include: High throghput computing, computational grids, information visualization and scientific databases.
  • Jeffrey F. Naughton ( Current areas of interest include: (1) Techniques for improving the performance of multi-dimensional data analysis, including array-based storage and processing algorithms, bit-map indices, and algorithms for computing the "cube"; (2) The performance of object-relational database systems, including benchmarking O/R DBMS, algorithms for set-valued attributes, and techniques for parallelizing O/R workloads; (3) Parallel geo-spatial information systems.
  • Raghu Ramakrishnan ( Current areas of interest include: integrating heterogeneous data sources, content-based querying and indexing of sequence and image data, exploratory analysis of large data sets (data mining), extending database query languages using constraints and deduction, and information visualization.

Research Projects


Graduate Students with a Database Focus

Database Courses

We offer four courses in the database area:

Talk Slides from the Fall 98 Affiliates' Meeting

Additional Slides from Fall 98 Affiliates' Meeting

Talk Slides from the Fall 97 Affiliates' Meeting