TAs and Office Hours

Here's the actual good news for class: you have a lot of help this year! Check Piazza for when they are available.

Many people form this help team. First is a collection of excellent graduate teaching assistants. They are:
Mingi Kim Sudarshan Avish Maru Varun Naik
Zhewen Song Kan Wu Leon Yang

Here are the awesome peer mentors (undergraduates who have takend 537 and excelled):
Mustafa Abdel-Hamid Kevin Houck Peter Luick
Haylee Monteiro Jared Sweetland Pengfei Zhu
Sean Felderman Noah Siskind Zibo Yu
Ruiqi Yin Matthew Parker

Location: In the Linux Labs in the CS building.

To get help: Go to this web page and enter your name and machine # and room name so the TAs can visit everyone in order. Optionally enter your email address and a brief description of your question. Go to this web page to see the queue status.

As always, contact all of us via Piazza or email at 537-help@cs.wisc.edu -- the always-on help list!