Zplot is a little plotting tool I wrote because I was sick of hacking postscript by hand, and I was sick of the limitations of gnuplot. It is written in 100% pure Tcl, which is a little programming language most of you probably don't even know.

Zplot has one simple goal: to produce beautiful encapsulated postscript graphs of two-dimensional data. That's it! It is probably not as good as ploticus, but it is a lot simpler to understand if you want to hack around in it: only about 5,000 lines of Tcl (instead of more than 60,000 lines of C in ploticus).

Here is more information if you are curious:
  • Read: A short paper describing Zplot is available here (this paper appeared in Tcl '07).
  • Browse: Many example graphs are available here.
  • Download: Source code for Zplot is available here (but you're kind of on your own)

Enjoy! If you do end up using Zplot, please let me know. I'd love to include any graphs you make in the examples gallery.