EPS: linespoints.eps

Script: make-linespoints.tcl

# source the library
source zplot.tcl
namespace import Zplot::*

# define the canvas
PsCanvas -title "linespoints.eps" -width 3.5in -height 2.75in

# read in the file into a table called bar1
Table -table t -file "data.linespoints"

# this defines one particular drawing area
Drawable -xrange 0,5 -yrange 0,20

set styles {
{orange square t}
{lightblue circle t}
{darkblue triangle t}
{olivedrab utriangle t}
{mediumpurple diamond t}
{lightsalmon xline f}
{rosybrown plusline f}
{mistyrose hline f}
{slateblue vline f}
{lightcoral asterisk f}
{red square f}
{green circle f}
{brown triangle f}
{black utriangle f}
{gray diamond f}
{darkcyan dline1 f}
{darkgoldenrod dline2 f}

# axes
AxesTicsLabels -xtitle "X Title" -ytitle "Y Title" -title "Lots of Point Types (with Lines)" \
-titleplace c -yauto 0,20,4

# now plot the data
set tables 17
for {set t 0} {$t < $tables} {incr t} {
set line [lindex $styles $t]
set color [lindex $line 0]
set style [lindex $line 1]
set fill [lindex $line 2]
PlotLines -table t -xfield x -yfield y -linecolor $color -linewidth 0.5
if {[string compare $fill t] == 0} {
PlotPoints -table t -xfield x -yfield y -linecolor $color -style $style -linewidth 0.5 \
-fill t -fillcolor $color -legend ${style}:fill
} else {
PlotPoints -table t -xfield x -yfield y -linecolor $color -style $style -linewidth 0.5 -legend $style
TableMath -table t -expression {$y+0.75} -destcol y

# legend
Legend -coord 0.2,19 -width 5 -height 5 -fontsize 8 -skipnext 5 -skipspace 55

# all done
PsRender -file linespoints.eps

Data: data.linespoints