Hey I 'm Rahul Tech Enthusiast, Software Developer
+ Grad Student @UWisconsin, Madison

Work Experience

  I had worked at Cisco Systems as a Software Engineer.   During my 3 years of work experience, I had worked in almost all Cisco IOS/IOS-XE switches and routers like Cat 2K, 3K, 4K, 6K, ISRs and ASRs. In my recent project I had worked on Cisco's next generation platforms like Cat3850 (Edison) and Cat 5760 (Katana). My work focuses on Network Security.

Before joining Cisco as full time employee, I was intern at Cisco and worked in NBAR (Network Based Application Recognition) technological group.



Cisco's Next Gen Architecture for Switches & Routers
Cisco Systems, Bangalore

Aug’14 - Present

Cisco Trusted Security (TrustSec)
Cisco Systems, Bangalore

July ‘12 - Aug’14

Web Application Framework to Define NBAR Protocols
Intern, Cisco Systems, Bangalore

Jan ‘12 – April ‘12

Hive Implementation on Hadoop
VIT University, Vellore

Aug’11 – Nov ‘11

DoS attack on a specified host using TCL
VIT University, Vellore

Aug’10 – Nov ’10

I am also:

Three times CAP (Cisco Achievement Award) award winner at Cisco.

Three times STAR performer in the TrustSec team at Cisco.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA R/S) Certified.

I was also:

Technical Head, Committee of the ACM, VIT Student Chapter.

Design Committee Manager, Technical fest Gravitas'11, VIT University, Vellore.

Design Committee Coordinator and Event Coordinator of Technical Event TECHWIZ, Gravitas ’10, VIT Vellore.

Organizing Committee Member of NOSTG (Networking Operating System Tech Group) Tech Day ‘2013, Cisco Systems Bangalore.

Research Works & Certifications

My areas of Interest are Computer Networks and Network Security. I want to expand my research in SDN, Networking for Big Data Systems and IOT.

I have used Raspberry PI as a centralized home router that was connected to Arduino over a Zigbee network and temperature sensors. It provided an efficient solution for Access Control and Timer based authorization for IoE sensors. My work is "Home Automation: Access Control in IoT Devices" is published in International Journal of Scientific Research Publications. Further, this solution was demoed at Security Conference (SecCon 2014) at Cisco Systems, Bangalore.
Demo Video link :  

With evolving interest in Networks, I started to explore load balancing techniques across multiple computing resources such as computer cluster network links. I have implemented a solution that reduces the lookup time for routers to O(1). The algorithm is published in International Journal of Scientific Research Publications as "Load Balancing in a Network."

2nd prize winner in C workshop, organized by Institution of Engineers (India), VIT Student Chapter.

Demoed TweakMyTwitter App at Yahoo! Open Hack India 2012.

About Me

Hi! I'm Rahul, passionate about new techs & gadgets. Enthisiastic to include techs in our life to make it better and change the way we live, work and play. Well, if you wanna know more about me than talk to my friends or add me in any social media (links at bottom).

Some of my interests are:

  • Bike Riding
  • Swimming
  • Cricket
  • Explore adventerous place, Tracking

I am currently a software developer enginner at Cisco Systems, Bangalore. Also I love to do Networking (I mean Computer Networking).

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