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Reed Nelson

Reed Nelson

Reed is a senior studying Computer Science, Math, and Philosophy at UW-Madison.

Latest Blog Posts

Huffman Compression

Data compression is a process of modifying the representation of some information so that it can be stored using less data. We discuss how information is quantified (entropy), and a simple, speedy, and greedy compression algorithm (the Huffman Coding).

RSA Encryption

You use the RSA encryption scheme every day. It's simple enough to understand, but quite powerful. In this post, we discuss the basics of ciphersystems, public key encryption, and why RSA works so well.

Artificial Consciousness and Phenomenology

To identify the requirements for a conscious machine, I believe we ought to look beyond mechanical scientific accounts of what makes a human human. Using a phenomenological approach to this subject, we stand to better express what is necessary for a true, human-level artificial consciousness.

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