Geneviève Rosay

January 1990 - June 1999
Associate Researcher
Computer Sciences Department
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Software Tools

Hot Path Browser

Development of the Hot Path Browser (HPB), a graphical user interface for analyzing path profiles of program executions. This tool allows the user to focus on the small number of paths that have been heavily executed. The Hot Path Browser functions like a web browser. It displays profiles using different pages, maintains a set of bookmarks and a history list. It includes selection and filtering mechanisms to concentrate on the interesting part of the profile. HPB has been succesfully applied to code optimization, testing, and software re-engineering, leading in one example to the elimination of 50 millions of instructions in the program execution.

The version 0.9 of the Hot Path Browser is being distributed for not-for-profit research purposes. For more information about the tool and its distribution, consult the Hot Path Browser Web page.

This is a joint work with Thomas Ball (Bell Labs) and James R. Larus (Microsoft Research).

Slicing Tools

Realization of several complex software tools to make program development faster and easier, to help programmers to understand what an existing program does and how it works. These tools are semantic-based and perform static analysis of a program. They have Graphical User Interfaces to invoke operations on programs and view their results.

Research Interests

Dynamic and static program analysis:


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