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CS 525: Linear Programming Methods -Fall 2005
(also IE 525, Math 525, Stat 525)


  Lecture:    9:30-10:45 TR, Room 1221, CS&S Building, 1210 W Dayton.
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Instructor: Robert Meyer

  Office:       4385 CS&S
Office Hours: Wed 2:00-3:00, Fri 2:00-3:00

Teaching Assistants:


  Office:        CS&S
Office Hours:

General Course Information



Linear Programming via MATLAB, Course Notes available for CS 525 from DoIT.

We use MATLAB extensively in this course. This MATLAB Primer (postscript file, 40pp. approx) will be useful if you have no prior experience with MATLAB.

Here is a zip file and a tar.gz file with most of the contents of the directory ~cs525-2/public, including the m-files of routines referred to in the notes and .mat files containing data for many of the problems.. This may be useful to those of you who wish to run the homeworks and examples on your own Windows PC with Matlab, instead of on the CS Unix environment.



Math 443 or 320 or 340 or consent of instructor

Important Dates



Handouts from DoIT:

Previous Programming Assignments and Homeworks (from last semester)

Class Project

Breast cancer diagnosis via linear programming. Due in Last Class meeting. (15% bonus for complete submissions at least 1 week before due date.)

To enable calling of cplex from your Matlab programs, you need to add the following line to the .cshrc.local file in your root directory:

setenv CPLEXLICENSE /s/cplex-6.6/cplexlicfile
Then logout and login again.


The midterm is open book. Calculators, computers, and cellphones are NOT allowed.

The final exam is open book. Calculators and computers are NOT allowed.

Here are some previous midterm examinations:

Here are some previous final examinations:


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