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CS 240: Discreet Mathematics, Richard Brualdi
A required course for me. Very useful information.

CS 540: Introduction to Artificial intelligence, Chuck Dyer
Somewhat interesting class, focusing on the technical aspects of the various structures and algorithms currently used in the field of AI. We implemented various searching algorithms, as well as a Decision tree and a Neural network for face recognition.

CS 577: Introduction to algorithms, Debora Joseph
This class in my opinion was WAY too easy. I didn't attend class at all after the midterm, because the lectures were so beginner-oriented, and the grading scheme was such that doing 50% of the work in the class guaranteed you an A (which I did, of course) I recommend taking this class with Dieter van Melkebeek if you'd like to be challenged and really learn something useful.

CS 559: Introduction to computer graphics, Michael Gleicher
Very fun class. Most of the value comes from doing the projects. Lectures focus more on the theory end of things than specific stuff like OpenGL. You can download my finished project from th

CS 679: Computer game technology, Stephen Chenney
This clast was a blast. Chenney also focused on the theoretical side of things, but we got a LOT of practical knowledge by building a complete game from the ground up.

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Summary of my directed study in the spring of '04 with Michael Gleicher
Sumary of my summer '04 work as an RA with Michael Gleicher and Mankyu Sung


CS559 city project

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