Spyros Blanas

Spyros Blanas


Campus address:
Office 4360, 1210 W Dayton St.

I graduated in July 2013. Here is my new website. This page is no longer maintained.

My research aims to make data processing more efficient by reconsidering how a database system interacts with current hardware. Although many datasets today can fit entirely in RAM, most commercial data management systems use memory only as a cache, and do not fully utilize the parallelism that is available in a modern multi-socket, multi-core server. My dissertation explores what performance gains a data management system can achieve if main memory becomes the primary storage medium for data.

Through a unique agreement with Microsoft, part of my dissertation research became Hekaton, a new engine for in-memory transaction processing that ships with Microsoft SQL Server 2014.


I am a graduate student in the Computer Sciences Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I also work in the Microsoft Jim Gray Systems Lab as a research assistant. My advisor is Jignesh M. Patel. I'm in the Database Systems and Multifacet groups. My alma mater is the Technical University of Crete, in Greece.