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Constrained Animation of Flocks



Group behaviors are widely used in animation, yet it is difficult to impose hard constraints on their behavior. We describe a new technique for the generation of constrained group animations that improves on existing approaches in two ways: the agents in our simulations meet exact constraints at specific times, and our simulations retain the global properties present in unconstrained motion. Users can position constraints on agents' positions at any time in the animation, or constrain the entire group to meet center of mass or shape constraints. Animations are generated in a two stage process. The  first step  finds an initial set of trajectories that exactly meet the constraints, but which may violate the behavior rules. The second stage samples new animations that maintain the constraints while improving the motion with respect to the underlying behavioral model. We present a range of animations created with our system.


Matt Anderson, Eric McDaniel and Stephen Chenney, "Constrained Animation of Flocks".  Eurographics/SIGGRAPH Symposium on Computer Animation 2003.