Nikhil Sethuram

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Passionate about Computer Science, I was drawn to the field because it allows for experimentation, learning from mistakes, and making corrections —opportunities that life often doesn't afford.

Full-Stack Developer and a ML enthusiast - I have recently developed a keen interest in systems. Intro to Operating Systems (CS 537) and Big Data Systems (CS 544) have provided me with a solid foundation in the fundamental concepts of systems and have sparked my curiosity to explore this field further.

I aspire to use my technical skills to address pressing global issues leveraging technology to enable better decision-making.


  • University of Wisconsin - Madison | Sep 2022 - May 2026
    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Data Science
    GPA : 3.975
    4x Dean's List


  • Languages: C, C#, Java, Python, Javascript, R
  • Frameworks: ASP.NET, Spring Boot, JOOQ, Angular, React.js, Node.js, Express.js, Scikit Learn, Flask, Swing, Django
  • Tools: Git, AWS, MongoDB, MySQL, Spark, Kafka, Cassandra, HDFS, PostgreSQL, Docker, Postman, Swagger UI


  • Software Development Engineer Intern @ LexisNexis | June 2024 - August 2024

    Incoming Software Engineer Intern - Summer 2024. Assigned to work on their flagship product Lexis+ AI

  • Peer Mentor for COMP SCI 354 ( Machine organisation and Programming using C ) @ UW-Madison | January 2024 - Present

    Helping students understand concepts in CS 354 - A core Computer Science class and a pre-requisite for Introduction to Operating Systems.

  • Student Learning Technology Assistant @ Wisconsin School of Business | September 2023 - December 2023 | Part-Time

    Assisted in setting up classroom technology and monitoring Zoom meetings for MBA classes, resolving technical errors during sessions. Conducted research comparing benchmarks for graduate programs and their effectiveness across colleges relative to UW-Madison.

  • Founder, Developer @ EnrollBadge | June 2023 - July 2023

    Led the development of a highly interactive and efficient web application providing UW Madison students with real-time notifications for course availability. Serving a user base of over 1000 students at present!
    Check it out!

  • Full Stack Developer @ Coyna | June 2023 - August 2023

    Worked as an intern to build a mobile payment service to meet the needs of the company’s clients. Developed REST APIs to process payment transactions. Designed the UI for both mobile and web platforms using Angular and Typescript. Conducted comprehensive testing and debugging using Swagger UI and Postman. Implemented an AWS Textract-powered OCR service for extraction of invoice data. Developed a subscription system with the help of cronjobs.


  • DragonLearn: Web application aimed at providing personalised training to dyslexic children, focusing on addressing issues such as memory loss and reading comprehension through a series of fun and interactive mini-games. Github
  • BuckyCourses: AI chatbot utilising a fine-tuned LLM model to serve as an alternative to traditional advisors. Github
  • Layon: Web application that allows users to strategically and geographically plan their next career moves while avoiding the "layoff hotspots" leveraging WARN database and a time-series forecasting model. Github
  • Rekroot: Mobile application that aims at reinventing the job search process with a simple, engaging and fun swipe mechanism. Github
  • ZoneIn: Web application that makes urban planning and zoning regulation compliance friendlier and accessible. Leverages GPT4+RAG chain for a precise chatbot and Stable diffusion image generation that allows users to envision potential changes to their property or neighborhood Github
  • MusicPlayer: User-Friendly music player made using Java implementing playlist management using queue data structure and interactive UI using Java Swing Github

Leadership & Awards

  • Best accessibility hack winner @ Wildhacks 2023 held at Northwestern University
  • Best use of Google Cloud winner @ MadData 2023 held at UW-Madison
  • Gold Medalist - represented India at the World Invention Competition and Exhibition 2021, held at Indonesia.