CS838 Topics in Computing : Advanced Computer Graphics

Fall Semester 2015

Course outline

This course is intended to expand the scope of exposure of graduate students and advanced undergraduates to modern computer graphics principles. The class will examine both fundamental graphics topics, but at a depth that is more appropriate for students with prior experience in the area of computing, and also sample current topics representative of vibrant trends in academic and industry practice. The course should be accessible to advanced students in all areas, given a certain prior experience in visual computing, a level of comfort with programming, and a healthy dose of enthusiasm!

Some of the topics to be covered are listed below. Note that this list will likely be adapted to the dynamic and composition of the audience.

General information

Lecture meeting time : Mondays & Wednesdays 2:30pm - 3:45pm
Lecture location : Computer SCiences 1257

Instructor : Eftychios Sifakis
Office : Computer Sciences building, Room 6387
Email : sifakis <at> cs <dot> wisc <dot> edu
Office hours : Monday & Wednesday 10:00am - 11:00am or by appointment

Prerequisites : CS559 Computer Graphics, which can be waived by instructor consent (such a waiver can summarily be granted if a similar course has been completed at a different institution).

Piazza Discussion Forum : [URL]

Schedule of lectures

DATE Lecture Information Assigned reading

Wednesday, September 2nd

Introduction, course scope and logistics [Lecture Notes - PDF]

Wednesday, September 9th

Point-based modeling [Lecture Notes - PDF]

[Assigned reading]
Hoppe et al, "Surface reconstruction from unorganized points", SIGGRAPH 1992 [Link]
Alexa et al, "Computing and rendering point set surfaces", IEEE TVCG 2003 [Link]
Kazhdan et al, "Poisson surface reconstruction", Symp. Geometry Processing 2006 [Link]
Carr et al, "Reconstruction and Representation of 3D Objects with Radial Basis Functions", SIGGRAPH 2001 [Link]

Monday, September 14th

Implicit Surfaces and their properties
Approximations using Radial Basis Functions

[Additional references]
Breen et al "Level set and PDE methods for computer graphics", SIGGRAPH 2004 Courses [Link]

Wednesday, September 16th

Implicit Surfaces and their properties
Approximations using Radial Basis Functions (Part II)

[Assigned reading]
Eck et al, "Multiresolution analysis of arbitrary meshes", SIGGRAPH 1995 [Link]
Hoppe, "View-dependent refinement of progressive meshes", SIGGRAPH 1997 [Link]
Garland and Heckbert, "Surface simplification using quadric error metrics", SIGGRAPH 1997, [Link]
Cohen-Steiner et al, "Variational shape approximation", SIGGRAPH 2004 [Link]

Monday, September 21st

Mesh simplification and optimization
Progressive mesh encoding

[Additional references]
Hoppe et al, "Mesh Optimization", SIGGRAPH 1993 [Link]
Khodakovsky et al, "Progressive geometry compression", SIGGRAPH 2000 [Link]

Wednesday, September 23rd

Mesh simplification and optimization
Progressive mesh encoding (Part II)
Mesh fairing

[Additional references]
Isenburg et al, "Streaming Meshes", IEEE Visualization 2005, [Link]
Taubin, "A signal processing approach to fair surface design", SIGGRAPH 1995 [Link]
Desbrun et al, "Implicit Fairing of Irregular Meshes Using Diffusion and Curvature Flow" SIGGRAPH 1999 [Link]

Monday, September 28th

Mesh deformation and manipulation : Rigidity and smoothness optimizing deformations

[Assigned reading]
Alexa et al, "As-rigid-as-possible shape interpolation", SIGGRAPH 2000 [Link]
Igarashi et al, "As-rigid-as-possible shape manipulation", SIGGRAPH 2005 [Link]
Sorkine, "Laplacian Mesh Processing", Eurographics 2005 (State-of-the-art Reports) [Link]

Wednesday, September 30th

Mesh deformation and manipulation : Cages and deformers

[Additional references]
T. Sederberg and S. Parry, “Free-form deformation of solid geometric models”, SIGGRAPH 1986 [Link]
M. Floater, “Mean value coordinates”, CAGD 20(1) 2003[Link]
T. Ju et al, “Mean value coordinates for closed triangular meshes”, SIGGRAPH 2005[Link]
P. Joshi et al, “Harmonic coordinates for character articulation”, SIGGRAPH 2007[Link]

Monday, October 5th

Mesh deformation and manipulation : Skinning

[Additional references]
N. Magnenat-Thalmann et al, “Joint-Dependent Local Deformations for Hand Animation and Object Grasping”, Graphics Interface 1988[Link]
A. Mohr and M. Gleicher, “Building efficient, accurate character skins from examples”, SIGGRAPH 2003[Link]
L. Kavan et al, “Geometric skinning with approximate dual quaternion blending”, ACM Transactions on Graphics 27(4) 2008[Link]
A. Jacobson et al, “Bounded biharmonic weights for real-time deformation”, SIGGRAPH 2011[Link]

Wednesday, October 7th

Mesh deformation and manipulation : Deformation metrics, contact-aware deformations

[Additional references]
E. Sifakis and J. Barbic, “FEM Simulation of 3D Deformable Solids: A practitioner's guide to theory, discretization and model reduction”, SIGGRAPH 2012 courses[Link]
A. McAdams et al, “Efficient elasticity for character skinning with contact and collisions”, SIGGRAPH 2011[Link]
R. Vaillant et al, “Implicit skinning: real-time skin deformation with contact modeling”, SIGGRAPH 2013[Link]
R. Sumner et al, “Deformation transfer for triangle meshes”, SIGGRAPH 2004[Link]

Monday, October 12th

Mesh deformation and manipulation : Shape matching and PCA techniques

[Additional references]
M. Mueller et al, “Meshless deformations based on shape matching”, SIGGRAPH 2005[Link]
A. Rivers and D. James, “FastLSM: fast lattice shape matching for robust real-time deformation”, SIGGRAPH 2007[Link]
D. James and C. Twigg, “Skinning mesh animations”, SIGGRAPH 2005[Link]
P. Kry et al, “EigenSkin: real time large deformation character skinning in hardware”, SIGGRAPH 2002[Link]

Wednesday, October 14th

Introduction to texture synthesis : pixel-based approaches

[Additional references]
D. Vlasic et al, “Face transfer with multilinear models”, SIGGRAPH 2005[Link]
D. Anguelov et al, “SCAPE: shape completion and animation of people”, SIGGRAPH 2005[Link]
A. Efros and T. Leung, “Texture synthesis by non-parametric sampling”, ICCV99[Link]
L. Wei and M. Levoy, “Fast texture synthesis using tree-structured vector quantization”, SIGGRAPH 2000[Link]

Monday, October 19th

Texture synthesis : patch-based synthesis, control, optimization

[Assigned reading]
A. Efros and W. Freeman, “Image quilting for texture synthesis and transfer”, SIGGRAPH 2001[Link]
M. Ashikhmin, “Synthesizing natural textures”, I3D 2001[Link]
G. Turk, “Texture synthesis on surfaces”, SIGGRAPH 2001[Link]
V. Kwatra et al, “Texture optimization for example-based synthesis”, SIGGRAPH 2005[Link]

Wednesday, October 21st

Texture synthesis : 3D synthesis, dynamic textures, nontrivial applications

Monday, October 26th

Physics-based modeling : Motivation, overview, introduction to cloth

Wednesday, October 28th

Physics-based modeling : Cloth (continued), dynamic particle systems

Friday, October 30th

Physics-based modeling : Time integration, rigid bodies

[Assigned reading]
D. Baraff and A. Witkin "Rigid Body Dynamics" (from the SIGGRAPH2001 Physics Based Modeling SIGGRAPH course)[Link]
D. Baraff, "Fast contact force computation for nonpenetrating rigid bodies", SIGGRAPH 1994 [Link]
E. Guendelman et al, "Nonconvex rogod bodies with stacking", SIGGRAPH 2003 [Link]

Monday, December 6th

Rendering techniques

[Assigned reading]
H. Jensen "Global illumination using photon maps" [Link]
J. Kautz et al "Precomputed radiance transfer" [Link]

Presentation assingments

Grading policy

The final grade will be computed based on the following: