Steve Lagree

Email: slagree (at)

I am interested in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Informatics, and Software Engineering in general.

Current Projects

High Dynamic Range Imaging
Panoramic Image Stitching


CS736 Advanced Operating Systems, Fall 2013
CS726 Nonlinear Optimization, Fall 2013
CS761 Advanced Machine Learning, Spring 2013
CS776 Advanced Bioinformatics, Spring 2013
CS760 Machine Learning, Fall 2012
CS576 Bioinformatics, Fall 2012


Modeling Dynamics of Gene Regulation. Systems Biology Seminar. Wisconsin Institute for Disconvery, University of Wisconsin - Madison. July 30, 2013
Modeling combinatorial interactions among histone marks in predictive models of gene expression. Poster Presentation. Systems Biology: Networks Meeting. Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory. March 14, 2013.


Karen Hollingsworth, Kevin W. Bowyer, Stephen Lagree, Samuel P. Fenker, Patrick J. Flynn. "Genetically Identical Irises Have Texture Similarity That is not Detected by Iris Biometrics", Computer Vision and Image Understanding. 115(11), pp. 1493-1502, 2011.
Stephen Lagree and Kevin W. Bowyer. "Predicting Ethnicity and Gender from Iris Texture", IEEE International Conference on Technologies for Homeland Security, Boston, MA (November 2011).
Stephen Lagree and Kevin W. Bowyer. "Ethnicity Prediction Based on Iris Texture Features", 22nd Midwest Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio (April 2011).
Kevin W. Bowyer, Steve Lagree and Sam Fenker. "Human versus biometric detection of similarity in left and right irises", IEEE International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology, San Jose, CA (October 2010).