Group 317-5: Stephen Ling, Lewis Clay Ballard, Hongwei Tian, Chester Zhang


Hockey is a sport in which two teams play against each other by trying to maneuver a ball or a puck into the opponent’s goal using a hockey stick. We chose to focus on hockey because we were all interested in sports and it is easy to obtain a comprehensive data frame of different sports leagues. In this project, we plan to answer the questions: is there a trend in the birthdays of NHL players? Will taking more shots in a competition increase the goal percentage? What is the relationship between penalty minutes of NHL players and their age? What are the body features (Weight, Height, BMI) of NHL players in different positions? Does the experience in the league relate to the goal percentage of NHL players?

Based on our knowledge of Hockey (before analyzing the data), we expect there is a trend in birthdays of NHL players that the number of players increases when birthdays of players become closer to January in a year; taking more shots in a competition is associated with the goal percentage; the younger players tend to receive more penalty minutes; there are some outstanding body features of NHL players at different positions; finally, experience in the league is associated with the goal percentage of NHL players.

In general, there are significant trends in the features (birthday, BMI, height, weight) of NHL players, and some factors have a strong correlation with NHL players’ performances, but some factors do not.



Source of Data

Background Information

To help better understand our analysis of data, we would like to illustrate some terms in background information part.

Unusual Influencing Factors



Trend in Birthdays of NHL Players

Body Features of NHL Players