I am a second year graduate student at UW-Madison. I received my bachelor's degree from BITS-Pilani, Goa in 2010.

I will be working with Mike Swift in fall 2016 (Project link is here). I will also be taking courses on Big Data and Distributed Systems. Apart from that I will also be working part-time with the awesome team at HTCondor.

My research interests are in operating system design, virtualization and distributed systems. I am interested in designing systems and strategies that will allow data centers of the future to scale to our ever increasing needs and make them power efficient. I hope to be able to contribute to the open agriculture initiative to help build a food data center.

Prior to starting graduate school I used to work at Qualcomm in the Wireless Connectivity Group where my primary area of concentration was the WLAN Data Path. Since all my professional experience was with mobile devices, it was a great opportunity for me to do an internship in ZeroStack in the summer of 2016. Here, I got to work on building a highly available private cloud solution and understand the complexities in designing the compute infrastructure for an enterprise.

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