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Current Projects:

Automated Human Activity Monitoring for Dept. Homeland Security spooks with Dr. Osama Masoud for Algenta

Working with some sociologists on instrument documentation ( and the DDI)

Past Projects:

Semantic Layered Research Platform, the Slingshot OWL-S execution engine. w3c semweb workshop paper

LSID, now an OMG standard! server+client stack sourceforge

Recent Papers:

Published LSID best practices on IBM developerworks.
Smith, D. Szekely B. Apr. 2005.
LSID Best Practices: A guide to deploying life science identifiers. IBM developerworks.

Published again, this time by the ASM, abstract.
Kent, A.D., D.J. Smith, B.J. Benson, and E.W. Triplett. 2003.
A web-based phylogenetic assignment tool for analysis of terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism profiles of microbial communities. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, November 2003, p. 6768-6776, Vol. 69, No. 11

Just found out my paper won Best Paper at SCI 2002 / ISAS 2002
Smith D.J., B.J. Benson, D.F. Balsiger:
Designing Web Database Applications for Ecological Research. Pages 408-413 in The Sixth World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics. International Institute of Informatics and Systemics, Orlando, Florida, July 2002.

Recent News:

Oct 2006 - In Sweden and Germany for DDI expert committie meeting.

May 2006 - In Minneapolis, and I just got my MS, Compsci + biostatistics.

June 2005 - Working from IBM Cambridge for AdTech.

May 2005 - In Scotland for DDI expert committie meeting, then to Ireland for some Guinness.

Fall 04' - Working part time for IBM Cambridge, and attending classes!

Pushed my idea for Foreign Authority Notification into the LSID stack, now I dont need a separate (nonstandard) service for annotations. FAN rec

Off to Cambridge to work @ IBM AdTech again, then back to grad school Fall 04 at UMN.

Now traveling the world, and living in las Vegas for a year.

Wrote an lsid authority for limnology

Acidemic Staff position at limnology.wisc has now ended, now I am off to Cambridge to work for IBM Advanced Internet Technologies research group in Cambridge, MA.

I graduated! BS Comp.Sci. and History, Dec. 2002

Extreme Blue: I just returned from IBM-Cambridge after working on a pervasive computing project.  I was extremely pleased with what the three of us accomplished.  Our project was (IBM Confidential, patents pending)

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