Karen Smoler Miller

Computer Sciences Department, University of Wisconsin - Madison
1210 West Dayton Street
Madison, WI 53706 USA

Office Phone: 608-263-1724
Office: 4283 CS

When on campus, I can be found working at one of my two positions for the Computer Sciences department.

As Senior Lecturer, I have the responsibility to design and teach classes. For decades, I have taught CS/ECE 354, the Machine Organization and Programming course. Here is a link to the most recent CS 354 home page.

Textbooks for this subject using the MIPS architecture were not available back when I began to teach the class. So, I wrote one with co-author James R. Goodman. [354] A Programmer's View of Computer Architecture

Even better, I revised the material and derived a new textbook based on the x86 architecture. An Assembly Language Introduction to Computer Architecture

As Associate Researcher, I work for the HTCondor project. This software tool facilitates high-throughput computing. It is remarkably complex in order to be extremely flexible, permitting it to be useful in a large variety of environments. I do technical writing, and I occasionally give tutorials.

Not Work-Related:

Years ago, the daughters and granddaughters made a wall hanging for our Oma Trudy on her birthday. Each of us contributed one square. My square is at the center and top row of this photo of the Quilt. Inside the applique tree are all the names of everyone in that portion of the family tree.